Surfshark is a cybersecurity company that develops humanized privacy and security solutions. We aspire for everyone to have complete control of their digital lives. We talk about cybersecurity and cyberthreats in a language everyone understands, making our products accessible to all — from an everyday person to a cybersecurity geek.

Surfshark cares about the future and accessibility of the internet and always advocates against online threats. The future’s internet, in our vision, is an open and valuable global resource for all. Working with non-governmental organizations and nonprofits that align with our goals and values allows us to spread awareness about internet shutdowns, censorship, data breaches, and others. A few NGOs that we work with: Internet Society, NetBlocks, and European Digital Rights.

Surfshark also organizes different research projects through the Research Hub. These projects’ goal is to educate the public about the most current and pressing threats in the cybersecurity field. Various issues have been analyzed so far, including data breaches, the digital quality of life, and app privacy policies. 

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