Infosecurity Magazine is Back Online!

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After a prolonged and painful absence from doing what we love doing here at Infosecurity, I can happily announce that we are BACK! That means our website is fully operational again — giving you access to all our news articles, features, webinars, whitepapers and digital magazines. 

As our readers know, we announced a few weeks ago that we were the targets of a sustained and significant DDoS attack. The attack forced us to temporarily suspend the Infosecurity website and migrate to a new, more robust hosting provider.

We promised that we would come back stronger, unbowed and unafraid to bring our readers the content that matters. I’m convinced we’ve achieved just that. To accompany the relaunch of our website, we will be publishing valuable news articles, features, exciting webinars and white papers from leaders in the industry. Some of the new content to look forward to includes: 

  • Ransomware - to pay or not to pay
  • Navigating the New Security Threats to Business Travel after COVID-19
  • How Much Hackers Pay For Your Stolen Personal Data

Let’s not forget our brand-new Q3 digital magazine, which will be up on our website very soon, and the IntoSecurity Daily podcast, which will continue for the rest of the week. 

Success, it is said, is to be measured not so much by the position reached in life but by the obstacles overcome. The attack forced the entire team to think outside of the box to solve some profound challenges. Now we’re back, amazed by all the support we’ve received, we’re ready to serve the information security industry once again! 

Thank you again for all your patience and support!

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