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What do you get when you combine three talented and experienced cybersecurity professionals? Eleanor Dallaway met The Risk Avengers and found out

Every now and then in this job I meet a person or a company and am instantly struck by what it is they're selling; be it an opinion, a product, a movement, or themselves. That's exactly what happened when I rocked up in Waterloo to meet The Risk Avengers; I stumbled upon some magic.

Perhaps that sentence evokes an image of me in some cobbled back-lit alley coming face to face with a gang of heroes clad in colorful capes, brought together by a mission to make the world a safer place?

Well that's not far from the truth, although forgive me for the poetic license. There were no capes, and the back-lit alley was actually a theatre bar, but the part about the mission is absolutely true.

The Risk Avengers is a collaboration of three independent information security consultants who have joined forces, pooling their knowledge and experience in the fraud prevention, physical security, cybersecurity, social engineering and penetration testing arenas.

Let me introduce you to The Risk Avengers: Dr Jessica Barker, Sharon Conheady, and Toni Sless. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, they’re all women. “We’ve not joined together because we’re women, but it’s a nice coincidence,” said Barker, who adds that future expansion of The Risk Avengers would not exclude men. “We don’t want the fact that we’re women to be our selling point, but we’re happy and we’re proud to be working together on this,” added Sless. 

What struck me about the Avengers is their chemistry. “We wanted to work with like-minded people that we could trust, and where our areas of specialties go hand in hand,” said Barker. The objective is to give the client maximum value, and the alliance created with The Risk Avengers means they can offer three-times the knowledge, experience and brain-power.

I was so impressed by The Risk Avengers and what they have to offer that I asked them to write a regular blog on Each of the Avengers will contribute articles, and the first is now live, so do check that out and follow their Infosecurity blog series.

You don’t need a cape to make the world safer, but a name like The Risk Avengers helps.

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