Top Ten: Cybersecurity M&A Deals

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If money makes the world go around, then it is definitely the blood in the veins of the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) merry-go-round in the cybersecurity space. The M&A factor has seen established companies become part of another, brands disappear, technologies launched and most importantly – new companies and sectors created.

One deal that we chose not to include in this list as it covered such a wide IT spectrum, was the acquisition of EMC by Dell, weighing in at around $67bn. That saw a huge collision of hardware, cloud, security and consumer technology come together and since then, many of the former Dell brands have gone in new directions. Take SecureWorks for example (a $600m acquisition by Dell back in 2011) which issued its own IPO in April 2016 raising $112m.

In this list we’ve identified the top 10 deals by value. It’s interesting to see how, in recent times, billion dollar amounts have become the standard price paid.

1 - Intel – McAfee – $7.68BN

Security on a chip seemed possible in 2010 when this acquisition was proposed, and McAfee became Intel Security, later dropping the McAfee name in 2014.

Source: New York Times

2 - Symantec – Blue Coat – $4.65BN

Blue Coat’s network-based technology fitted into the Symantec offering in 2016, boosting the cloud services offered by Symantec and the addition of the Cloud Access Security Broker gateway product.

Source: Infosecurity Magazine

3 - TPG – McAfee – $4.2BN

The end of the Intel-McAfee deal came in 2016 when TPG took a 51% stake in the company, and McAfee became a brand once again.

Source: Bloomberg

4 - Juniper – NetScreen – $4BN

NetScreen’s high performance firewall and VPN functionality for large scale users became part of the Juniper network security suite in 2004.

Source: Network World

05 - Cisco – Sourcefire – $2.7BN

The intrusion detection sector was given a huge boost with the acquisition of Sourcefire by IT giant Cisco in 2013.

Source: Financial Times

06 - EMC – RSA – $2.1BN

Back in 2006, the cloud and storage giant added security to its portfolio of services with the acquisition of RSA Security. EMC later became part of Dell in the 2015 acquisition.

Source: Forbes

07 - Raytheon – Websense – $1.9BN

Websense was acquired by the defense contractor in 2015, and with the purchase of the firewall division Stonesoft from Intel Security, the new vendor Forcepoint was created combining the technology of Websense and Stonesoft, along with Raytheon Cyber Products.

Source: ZDNet

08 - VMWare – AirWatch – $1.54BN

Following the emergence of a number of companies offering services for ‘mobile device management’, virtualization vendor VMware joined the party by purchasing AirWatch in 2014.

Source: Forbes

09 - Avast – AVG – $1.3BN

Two Czech anti-virus vendors became one in 2016, when Prague-based Avast acquired Brno’s AVG.

Source: Forbes

10 - HP – ArcSight – $1.5BN

Ahead of a curve of a number of SIEM vendors being acquired in 2011, HP picked up the highly-regarded ArcSight in 2010.

Source: CNET

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