Acronis to Secure Flying Cars

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Global technology company Acronis today announced a technical and strategic partnership with Airspeeder, the world’s first electric flying car racing series.

Acronis will deliver technical and commercial support to the racing series, which was created by performance electric flying car manufacturer Alauda.

The partnership will be reflected in the placement of Acronis branding in a prominent position on Airspeeder’s MK4 racing craft.

Plans are under way for the first Airspeeder Grand Prix to be held in 2021, in which electric racing multi-copters will fly at speeds of up to 130km/h. 

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and Machine Vision technology will be used to create a virtual force-field around each racing craft. Acronis will provide cyber-protection solutions to ensure the technology can deliver close but safe racing between the crafts. 

Part of this technology will be delivered by Teknov8, a global provider of cybersecurity solutions that will support Acronis’ partnership with Airspeeder as an Official #CyberFit Delivery Partner.

"Backing from Acronis, a business with an extraordinary culture of technological success in Formula One and Formula E, represents significant affirmation of our vision to accelerate the next great mobility revolution through sporting competition,” said Matt Pearson, founder of Alauda and Airspeeder.

Under the new partnership, Airspeeder’s team and pilots will benefit from real-time data, including analysis of battery and key systems performance. From this information, engineers will be able to define strategy as they race to find a competitive advantage in a sport where every team starts with the same technical platform. 

“Acronis’ place at the leading edge of innovation in data management perfectly aligns with Alauda and Airspeeder’s vision to accelerate a mobility revolution through close sporting competition," said Jan-Jaap Jager, the board advisor and senior vice president at Acronis. 

"Our proven, integrated approach to providing easy, efficient, reliable and secure cyber protection for all data, applications and systems will help Airspeeder to enhance their performance on the air track and in the back office. We look forward to delivering on the promise of a true next generation technical and sporting proposition.”

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