BT Launches New Cybersecurity Advisory Services Practice

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BT has announced the launch of a new Security Advisory Services practice which will provide its customers with advice on navigating their cybersecurity journeys.

The new unit will be led by Tris Morgan, director at BT Security, and made up of around 300 specialist staff across the globe. It will offer strategic security guidance and solutions to organizations of all sizes to help them deal with today’s biggest security issues and prepare for the major new technologies and challenges of the future.

The Security Advisory Services practice will be supported by the wider BT Security team which protects BT against 125,000 cyber-attacks per month and provides security solutions to consumers, governments and businesses.

The services provided will be grouped into four key categories: cyber-threats, zero trust, governance, risk and compliance and cloud security, allowing customers to assess and test their defenses and select the solutions that best match their security needs.

Kevin Brown, managing director of BT Security, said: “The creation of the Advisory Services practice is the next step in BT Security’s strategy. It recognizes that the optimal way to safeguard any organization is through a continual and strategic evolution of their security posture. Tris brings a wealth of experience of providing advanced cyber-solutions and guidance to both the public and private sector, making him ideally placed to provide the strategic direction that organizations are looking for.”

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