Cloud Security Concerns Persist for Majority of Businesses

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When it comes to migrating to the cloud, 65% of companies are concerned with cybersecurity, and 40% are concerned with their loss of physical control over data in the cloud.

According to a survey from Netwrix, while security is gaining increasing attention from cloud technology and service providers, the lack of visibility into sensitive data stored externally increases security risks and raises fears that are still holding back wider cloud adoption.

The study found that a hybrid cloud deployment model is preferred by 44% of respondents as they transition from on premises infrastructure to a cloud-based model. Private clouds attract 37% of organizations prepared to invest in additional security.

And, a full 69% of companies are afraid that migration to the cloud will increase risks of unauthorized access while 43% worry about account hijacking.

Because of all of these fears, companies migrating to the cloud do plan to enforce internal security policies: 56% plan to improve identity and authentication management; 51% will utilize encryption; and around 45% of medium and large enterprises plan to establish auditing of changes and user activity. Some 30% of organizations already take advantage of improved cloud security, while more than 40% of organizations are ready to invest in additional security guarantees, if offered.

But, 13% of organizations reject adoption of cloud technology altogether in the near future; 30% of them are ready to reconsider their decision as soon as cloud security mechanisms are improved.

“We wanted to find out the exact reasons that prevent companies from cloud adoption and taking advantage of all the benefits it offers,” said Alex Vovk, CEO and co-founder of Netwrix. “The survey revealed the interesting fact that even though the cloud is not a new technology, the cloud market has a good potential to grow further. Advanced security solutions and true visibility into what is going on across the cloud infrastructure will help companies minimize security risks, take back control over business-critical assets and accelerate cloud adoption.”

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