Cyberbit Range Offers Simulated Attack Training

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One of the largest challenges for enterprises and companies fighting against cyberattacks is the lack of skilled talent. The Cyberbit Range has ridden onto the scene to provide lifelike simulation for security operations trainees—kind of like the holodeck, in Star Trek.

Organizations can't afford for new analysts entering security operations centers (SOCs) to train on the job, so the need for realistic environments (much like simulations that pilots or other field personnel would use) is at an all-time high. The Cyberbit Range provides virtual and physical SCADA training, which is tough to replicate in a purely virtual environment; new ransomware and other attack scenarios researchers have discovered in the wild; and dynamic modeling, which allows clients to customize simulations according to their own workflows, software and environments.

The virtual training environment comes complete with complex incident simulation, a massive library of attack scenarios and next-generation training tools. With the dynamic modeling, companies can now replicate their own network setup, use their actual security tools and simulate their typical network traffic so trainees can receive the most effective and realistic training available.

The range also includes training for business executives, and SCADA training that uses actual SCADA hardware and unique ICS/SCADA protocols to simulate the physical environment and improve team effectiveness during an attack.

“Security analysts are expected to both master and operate dozens of new tools continually against threats they have never seen, so organizations that put people first will succeed and thrive in today’s ever-evolving threat landscape,” said Adi Dar, CEO of Cyberbit. “By making real-life simulated training more accessible, Cyberbit Range ensures teams—from SOC staff to executives—are best-equipped to manage these targeted attacks.”

“Every day, cyber-criminals are developing new means of infiltrating networks in government, in the private sector and in organizations across the globe,” said Ken McCreedy, senior director of cybersecurity and aerospace for the Maryland Department of Commerce. “The flood of new types of cyber threats has, in turn, created a tremendous demand for cybersecurity professionals. Thanks to ETA’s selection of the Cyberbit Range for its new cybersecurity training center in Baltimore, Marylanders will have access to lifelike simulations and interactive training, ensuring a new wave of cyber sleuths will be able to effectively strategize and combat evolving cyber-attacks.”

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