Cyberversity Helps Budding Cyber Pros

California next-gen SIEM and XDR company Exabeam has launched an initiative to help cybersecurity job seekers connect with industry professionals. 

Exabeam announced its free Cyberversity scheme on September 29 as "an interactive educational experience meant to increase diversity and help close the skills gap in the cybersecurity industry."

Under the initiative, cybersecurity students, recent graduates, and those interested in working in the field of cybersecurity are given a chance to learn directly from Exabeam’s security experts and other established industry professionals through a series of virtual panels and Q&As.

Topics covered in the sessions include cybersecurity career expectations, job-hunting techniques and identifying technical and non-technical opportunities in today’s market.

Cybersecurity experts who have already committed to the program include professionals from organizations such as Canadian Tire, Castra, Chevron Federal Credit Union, and Meissner Filtration.

“We are trying to solve two problems: get people interested in a career in cybersecurity and increase minority representation throughout the industry,” said Michael DeCesare, CEO and president of Exabeam. 

“We want to raise awareness and create opportunities to help address the talent shortage, bring diverse perspectives to our industry, and ensure global organizations are well defended against the growing number of sophisticated adversaries.”

The first two sessions took place last month, and the next session is scheduled for Monday, November 8. 

Exabeam's Tamara Shephard said that she was "happy to report that the connections students are making with our panelists have been worthwhile."

She said: "Students have already started to make connections for internships and interviews."

Now Exabeam is on a mission to publicize the existence of the Cyberversity scheme and its other free career-boosting resources so that more cybersecurity career hopefuls can take advantage of them.

"We are trying to make additional inroads at universities and colleges, so that more students know about our scholarships and high-paid internships as well," said Shephard. 

Describing the company's intentions for the future of its Cyberversity, Shephard said: "We will be planning future Q&A sessions with an expanded partners list, so that students meet people from many various cybersecurity companies. We will also be planning sessions that cover interview and resume preparation."

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