Mumbai Police Force Uses 'The Force' for Cyber-Safety Campaign

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Police in Mumbai have recruited Baby Yoda to help raise awareness of the importance of cyber-safety. 

The law enforcement agency has earned a reputation online for delivering serious messages with humorous memes via social media app Instagram. It only seems appropriate that the force should use the power of 'The Force' to drive home a warning that passwords should be kept private.

On Monday, Mumbai Police shared an image of a popular meme that uses characters from TV space Western series Star Wars: The Mandalorian. In the meme, the show's lone gun fighter shares an amusing exchange with the famous character Baby Yoda.

The meme shows the fighter telling Baby Yoda to close his eyes, after which he asks him, "What do you see, bro?"

Yoda shutters his peepers and replies, "Nothing, bro."

In an amusing edit to the next line of dialogue, Mumbai Police tweaked the meme so that the fighter tells Yoda: "That's your bank balance after you shared your password with me, bro."

Along with the meme, Mumbai Police share the following caption with their 126K Instagram followers: "Share password, do not. There is no question of do."

The funny post was a hit with netizens who expressed their appreciation by filling the comments section with compliments. 

Instagram user rohitksp wrote, "Mumbai police is getting cooler day by day," while user tanabhy punned, "Mumbai police, Yoda best."

User dandekarvaibhav added: "Mumbai Police shared a Star Wars themed meme... My day is made."

User uppalakshit took the joke one step further, quipping, "That's the Bank balance during Lockdown..."

Not every heart was won by the force's attempt to raise awareness of cybersecurity in a humorous way. One user expressed the view that Mumbai police ought to be focusing their resources elsewhere. 

User ashwitha4real wrote in the comments: "Memes are great but there are groups on telegram that are sexually assaulting women, making videos and sharing it. Kindly do something about it."

At time of publication, the Baby Yoda post had garnered 23,291 likes on Instagram and attracted 209 comments.

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