Huawei Poses 'No Threat' According to Belgium, Trump Not Convinced

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The Belgian Centre for Cybersecurity (CCB) has reportedly decided not to issue "a negative opinion" on Huawei following several months of investigation with no concrete evidence found. 

According to The Brussels Times, the CCB has been looking for evidence of spying by Huawei. This comes as the Chinese technology company has faced several accusations globally of spying. 

In Belgium, Huawei works with Proximus, Orange and Telenet/Base. It also opened a cybersecurity lab in Brussels back in March.

CCB spokesperson Katrien Eggers said, "A final report on the issue will not be produced as yet because the situation is still being monitored."

According to the Financial Times, the European Commission wants to monitor the company rather than issue a blanket ban on its technology, which is putting it at odds with the US.

US President Donald Trump has tweeted a complaint about the appointment of a former Obama cybersecurity official as a lobbyist for Huawei.

Samir Jain was the former senior director for cybersecurity policy at the White House National Security Council during the Obama administration, but he has now registered as a lobbyist for Shenzhen-based Huawei. He works for lobbying firm Jones Day.

According to the firm's website, Jain also served as associate deputy attorney general at the Department of Justice, where his responsibilities included overseeing the development of proposals to modernize the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, supervising evaluation of telecommunications license applications for significant national security risks, and representing the department in White House cybersecurity meetings.

He also took part in international negotiations to get China's agreement not to engage in cyber-enabled intellectual property theft for commercial gain.

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