IRMS Appoints New Chair with Diversity, Inclusion and Education at Top of Agenda

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The Information and Records Management Society (IRMS) – the association for information professionals and students in information governance, records management, data protection and information security – has announced the appointment of Reynold Leming to the position of chair.

Leming, who has worked in the data processing and information governance industry for over 30 years, will focus on initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion, as well as encourage new talent to choose a career in the sector.

Leming will be commissioning a comprehensive survey of diversity within the information and records management profession, including investigating barriers to entry and career progression.

Leming said: “We have an important role in advocacy and must ensure the IRMS is representative, rich in diversity and inclusivity.”

In addition to leading a research program, Leming and the executive team will also focus on engagement with the skills and education sector.

“We will seek to collaborate with schools and colleges to actively promote the teaching of data and information and encourage the next generation to take qualifications and/or vocational pathways that will lead them to a successful career in our sector.”

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