LulzSec hacktivist group posts 62,000 email ID/password combos to the web and Twitter

According to the Los Angeles Times, the group has not identifed what the emails and passwords were meant to access but accounts on Facebook, Amazon, Gmail, Yahoo and World of Warcraft "appear to have been hacked as a result of LulzSec's dump according to various posts on Twitter".

"And as always, LulzSec delivers: 62,000+ emails/passwords just for you. Enjoy", said LulzSec in its tweet.

Infosecurity understands that the file cross-linked in the above tweet was quickly removed from the site, but copies have started appearing on a number of file-sharing services.

The LA Times said that various sites on the internet have compiled databases to help users find out if their accounts are among those that have been disclosed by LulzSec, including one on and another on the Gizmodo portal.

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