Microsoft Updates Windows 11 Subsystem for Android to Introduce Support For VPN-Assigned IPs

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Microsoft has released an update for the Windows Subsystem for Android on Wednesday, which allows Windows 11 Insiders to use their VPN's IP address with Android apps.

The update builds on a previous version released in May, which introduced a new 'Advanced Networking' feature to Windows 11 builds on the Dev channel.

The feature enabled the sharing of the same IP address between the Windows Subsystem for Android virtual machine and host.

From a practical standpoint, this meant Android apps could now communicate with other devices on the same network, such as audio streaming devices and IP cameras, among others.

“We’re now introducing advanced networking, which enables app access to local network devices for ARM computers, allowing apps to take advantage of this functionality,” Microsoft explained in its latest blog post.

“We’ve also enabled IPv6 and VPN connectivity, enhancing the networking functionalities of the subsystem.”

Additionally, Microsoft said it has updated the Windows Subsystem for the Android Settings app to now account for advanced networking. 

“This means the IP address has been removed from the Developer section in the Settings app as the subsystem no longer has a different IP from your computer,” the tech giant wrote.

Using the new feature, users can now connect to a VPN on their desktop machine and then enjoy all the benefits of virtual private networks on their mobile devices without having to install a dedicated app.

At the same time, Microsoft warned that the new features may not work with some VPN services.

“If you use a VPN and find Android apps do not have network connectivity, please disable Advanced Networking in the Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app,” Microsoft explained.

Beyond the new VPN features, the new Microsoft update introduces AV1 Codec support, upgrades the kernel, improves web browser launching and more. 

The update comes days after Microsoft addressed a hot-spot bug affecting Windows 11 machines.

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