Nebraska County Attorney Indicted for Cyber-stalking

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A former attorney for Dodge County, Nebraska, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on two charges of cyber-stalking.

According to an indictment returned on September 24, Oliver J. Glass, age 46, stalked and harassed his estranged wife and her new romantic partner for nine months in 2020. 

Oliver and Katie Glass wed on March 28, 2009. She filed for separation in November 2018, and then for divorce in January 2020, around a month after she began a new romantic relationship. 

Oliver discovered in March 2020 that his estranged wife was seeing someone new. From March 6 to December 22, 2020, Oliver allegedly “used facilities of interstate commerce to engage in a course of conduct meant to harass and intimidate and to place under surveillance with the intent to harass and intimidate Victim 1 and Victim 2.”

The indictment states that Oliver and two other employees at the Dodge County Attorney’s Office trawled an online law enforcement database to find data on Katie’s new partner. Using their official credentials, the trio accessed the Nebraska Criminal Justice Information System (NCJIS) roughly 16 times to gather information on the man, including his vehicle registration data “and other personal information.”

Oliver is accused of using this information to surveil his estranged wife’s partner’s apartment. He allegedly drove slowly by the residence regularly and asked another Dodge County Attorney’s Office employee and members of local law enforcement to do likewise.

It is alleged that Oliver sent his wife’s partner threatening and abusive messages via Facebook and iMessage in which he referenced the victim’s car and home address. 

After hearing comments or receiving text messages from Oliver, multiple law enforcement officers reported believing that the attorney might harm his estranged wife and her partner. Oliver allegedly told a state trooper: “I’m so mad right now I could kill them both.”

Oliver is further accused of asking officers with the Sheriff’s Office and the Fremont Police Department to arrest his estranged wife and her partner for driving while under the influence.

Katie’s partner was committed to a hospital, where he reportedly spent six days receiving psychiatric care because of Oliver’s alleged stalking and abuse.

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