#Oktane18: Solving Identity is the Challenge of Our Time says Okta CEO

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Okta CEO and co-founder, Todd McKinnon, declared identity the “challenge of our time” as he opened Oktane 18 conference in Las Vegas.

“Everyone knows what happened in the latest elections,” he began, “it made us rethink democracy and the impact that technology has on it.” That, he declared, is an identity problem.

“Confidence in technology is being eroded. People are doubting technology, which is a real shame. There is a risk of missing out on technology and using it for good,” McKinnon continued.

The Okta CEO and co-founder was optimistic about being able to solve identity, and thus “the challenge of our time. We have the platform, the connections, the ecosystem and the expertise to solve this,” he said.

The Okta vision is to enable anyone and any business to use any technology, said McKinnon, “and the best way of doing that is to connect everything.”

Okta’s key, core objective is enablement and that, McKinnon advised, is how they think about – and measure – customer success. “With so much technology, potential is amazing, but complexity gets in the way. You need a center of gravity and that center needs to be identity,” he argued.

“We believe that privacy and data security are individual rights, and that every organization in the world should have the best technology available to protect their identities,” McKinnon added.

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