Online Trust Alliance Merges with Internet Society

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Global non-profits the Internet Society and Online Trust Alliance (OTA) have joined forces in a bid to expand their reach and improve security and privacy efforts.

As a result of the de facto merger, the OTA will now operate inside the Internet Society with members automatically joining up to the internet leadership group.

That will help expand the latter’s membership, which currently stands at 100 organizations and more than 95,000 individual members in over 120 chapters in 100+ countries and territories. 

Initiatives such as the OTA’s annual Online Trust Audit, Cyber Incident Response Guide and Internet of Things (IoT) Trust Framework will continue to run inside the new set-up.

“OTA and ISOC are excited to join forces in order to improve online trust, enhance data security, promote responsible privacy practices, and bolster the development and use of an open internet,” said OTA president, Craig Spiezle. “By working together, OTA’s vision and mission will be sustained and amplified with the resources, reach and stature of the Internet Society.”

The 13-year-old Online Trust Alliance claims to have played a key role in urging government and private sector stakeholders to develop best practices and technical standards and guidelines in areas such as anti-spam and malvertising, advanced SSL, email authentication, native advertising, IoT security and privacy.

“Wearing many hats, from technical standards to public policy and legislation, I have held fast to my principles of being a balanced and objective voice of reason,” said Spiezle in a separate blog post.

“At times OTA’s position has not been well received by certain trade groups, but it has been sincere and unbiased by the interests of any one group. 13 years after OTA’s founding, this vision is more relevant than ever. Not unlike the threat of global warming we must collectively work together to help preserve the trust and resiliency of the internet and embrace change today before we encounter a trust meltdown.”

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