Plusnet migrates anti-spam systems to Cloudmark

The staggered process will be complete within the next few weeks and will see the ISP move it security appliances from London up to its South Yorkshire data centre operation.

The move, says the BT-owned ISP, will allow its on-net security facilities to operate on a more cost-effective basis, as well as giving it more control over outbound spam prevention and rate limiting.

In a message sent to subscribers, Plusnet says that users may notice a subtle change in the frequency of spam email that they receive – and for the better. The migration process should be completed by October 20.

The migration process is not without its potential disadvantages, as TalkTalk discovered this time last year, Infosecurity notes. This perhaps explains why Plusnet has warned that unexpected difficulties may still arise.

The signing is a major feather in the cap for Cloudmark, which claims to have more than 1.6 billion users – mostly through ISPs as diverse as AT&T, Time Warner Cable and Swisscom – relying on its security and anti-spam platform.

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