SBRC Adds Ransomware Scenario to Security Training Program

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The Scottish Business Resilience Center (SBRC) has announced a ransomware-focused update to its facilitation of the National Cyber Security Center’s (NCSC) Exercise in a Box program, which it has been running with businesses across Scotland since late 2020.

The program – delivered with support from the Scottish Government, Police Scotland and other stakeholders – sees workshops provided to businesses via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The workshops focus on cyber-resilience, exploring various scenarios to test organizations’ response capabilities in a safe and measured environment.

In recognition of the rise in ransomware infections impacting public and private sector organizations within the UK, the SBRC has launched the NCSC’s Phishing Attack that Leads to a Ransomware Infection scenario, in addition to its Working from Home scenario.

Available to Scottish businesses from later this month, the new workshops will explore how an organization would experience a phishing attack that leads to a ransomware infection, allowing them to test and measure their detection and response.

Jude McCorry, CEO of SBRC, said: “The extension of the scenarios explored within our workshops provide businesses with more opportunity than ever to extend their cyber-resilience.

“The specificity of the scenarios which are explored provides attendees with the opportunity not only to see how they might respond to such a situation but also hear how others might, which opens their mind to new approaches and processes. Given that businesses continue to face a bumpy road to recovery, I encourage all to attend this free program to ensure that cyber-resilience is one area of the business owners don’t need to be concerned about.”

The workshops specific to the ransomware scenario will run in late February and March.

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