Talos Renews Cybersecurity Support For Ukraine on Independence Day

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Cisco Talos provided an update on its continued cybersecurity support for Ukraine on the occasion of the country’s Independence Day.

Dmytro Korzhevin, a senior threat intelligence researcher at Talos,  JJ Cummings, Talos' national intelligence principal and Ashlee Benge, a strategic intelligence lead at the company discussed their past few months of work in the region in a webinar on Wednesday.

According to the cybersecurity experts, Ukrainians have been working substantially on their cybersecurity infrastructure since the first days of Russia's invasion

During the webinar, Bengee also explained that both Cisco and Talos have several resources available to any organizations in Ukraine that are in need of assistance. 

These include an executive guidance document for ongoing cyberattacks in Ukraine and a number of advisories specifically analyzing attacks on Ukrainian cyber-infrastructure believed to be executed by Russian state-sponsored actors. Further, all these documents have been translated into Ukrainian by Talos.

"If you are an organization in Ukraine who is interested in having Talos’ help, and you would like to participate in our threat hunting program, please reach out via our social channels," Bengee said. 

The cybersecurity firm is also offering its services for free to Ukrainians in need of cybersecurity protection. "It's important to us to continue to support Ukraine throughout the duration of the conflict," Bengee added.

The webinar also saw Korzhevin, a Ukranian national, send a message of hope and independence.

“Now that there is a war in Ukraine, the most important task of our people is to preserve independence,” he said. “Independence is primarily a way, not a condition. I believe that we will overcome all the difficulties in this way."

The webinar and Ukraine Independence Day come weeks after the country’s State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection (SSSCIP) said both the frequency and volume of cyber-attacks targeting Ukraine have surged over the second quarter of the year.

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