UK Cyber Security Association Officially Opens for Membership

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The UK Cyber Security Association has officially launched and is open for membership, it has been announced.

The body is designed to provide a community for anyone working in, or who has an interest in, the sector, helping promote best practices and information sharing both in the UK and internationally. It also aims to work alongside government, trade bodies, and cybersecurity groups to share information and initiatives.

Membership has now opened for individuals and organizations actively working in the cybersecurity industry. Those who join will be given access to an online portal and forum to engage with other members and the chance to participate in a program of events and training sessions, among other benefits.

First started in 2019 by industry expert Lisa Ventura, the UK Cyber Security Association has been in an expressions of interests phase until now. So far, it has undertaken project work and campaigns in areas such as growing neurodiversity and women in cybersecurity, addressing the cyber-skills gap, and helping individuals and small businesses stay secure online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Commenting on the launch, Ventura, CEO & founder of the UK Cyber Security Association, said: “In 2019 I spotted a gap for a membership/trade association in cybersecurity and the UK Cyber Security Association was born. Since then, it has been in an expressions of interest phase which has exceeded all my expectations and we are now fully open for membership. Cybercrime has grown exponentially in recent years, especially during the global pandemic, and it has never been more important for individuals and organizations to take their cybersecurity seriously.

"Our aim is to be a caring and sharing membership organization in cybersecurity with a primary focus on delivering value to our members. We are delighted with the response to the idea of a membership association for cybersecurity and look forward to welcoming and helping our members as the association grows and develops.”

The announcement has come shortly after another industry body, the UK Cyber Security Council, was launched as an independent body last month. The council is responsible for boosting professional standards and career prospects for those working in cybersecurity.

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