Majority of Users Neglect Best Password Practices: Keeper Security

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The latest Password Management Report by Keeper Security has shed light on the concerning state of password security practices.

In particular, the survey found that only 25% of respondents used solid and unique passwords. In comparison, 34% admitted to using repeat variations of passwords, and 30% still relied on simple and easily guessable passwords.

Interestingly, 44% of individuals who claimed to have well-managed passwords still admitted to using repeated variations, while 20% acknowledged having had at least one password involved in a data breach or available on the dark web.

The document also revealed that 35% of respondents feel overwhelmed when it comes to improving their cybersecurity. Furthermore, 10% admitted to neglecting password management altogether.

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“Password management does not need to be complex, overwhelming or difficult to understand even with a large number of digital accounts to secure,” said Craig Lurey, CTO and co-founder of Keeper Security.

According to the executive, a password manager provides individuals with a reliable method to safeguard themselves.

In addition to generating and securely storing robust and distinctive passwords for all online accounts, a password manager offers a defense against phishing attacks and malicious links by verifying URL matches before autofilling credentials from the user’s vault.

“A password manager can also be paired with dark web monitoring so users can stay abreast of all account information and act immediately if credentials are compromised,” Lurey added.

More generally, Keeper Security said the survey’s findings highlight a significant gap between perception and reality regarding password security.

“The industry clearly still has much work to do to get more people comfortable with cybersecurity and better protected as a result,” said Darren Guccione, Keeper Security CEO and co-founder.

The Keeper Security survey analyzed the password habits of over 8000 individuals across the US, UK, France and Germany.

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