Anne Hardy

Anne Hardy is the Chief Security Officer at Join Digital Inc. As CSO, Anne is responsible for global information security, data privacy and IT risk strategy.  

Anne has more than 25 years of technology experience in cybersecurity, software engineering and data science.  She has managed teams to release telecommunications and enterprise software, built and led research labs, and initiated and drove cultural change. 

Prior to joining Join Digital, Anne was the Co-Founder and CEO of Workrise, an innovative machine learning platform to measure employee experience. Previously, Anne spent over 10 years at SAP, leading Security and Trust Research, Platform Research and Developer Advocacy. 

Anne holds a Bachelors of Engineering from Telecom ParisTech, an MBA from EDHEC Nice, and certificates on cybersecurity, data analysis, machine learning, the science of happiness, and integral coaching. 

Anne founded the Dare2BDigital conference in 2010 and sits on the Anita Borg Board of Trustees. She grew up as a competitive gymnast and today is an ultra-marathoner and triathlete

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