Brian Mendenhall

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Proficio

Brian has almost 20 years working in technology, and currently serves as Proficio’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, responsible for building and managing relationships with both strategic and resell partners, as well as leading the company’s sales operations. During his five-year tenure at Proficio, he has built up several departments, rearchitected the company’s partner program to increase engagement, improved sales enablement, increased forecast accuracy, and automated lead processing workflow.

Prior to Proficio, Brian worked at Caterpillar, where he worked on a team that did remote monitoring and diagnostics of large, heavy machinery in the oil and gas industry. He was responsible for architecting secure solutions to pull the machine data back from offshore oil rigs of large suppliers, like Shell and BP, so that the team could process the information with big data analytics for predictive infrastructure failures. He also held critical engineering and analyst positions at Solar Turbines and Apple.

Brian has earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and was also awarded the Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP) credential from the SANS Institute.

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