Timothy Morrow

Situational Awareness Technical Manager, Carnegie Mellon University

Timothy B. Morrow is the Situational Awareness Technical Manager of the CERT Division of the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (CMU SEI).

The SEI is a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC)—a nonprofit, public– private partnership that conducts research for the United States government. One of only 10 FFRDCs sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), the SEI conducts R&D in software engineering, systems engineering, cybersecurity, and many other areas of computing, working to introduce private-sector innovations into government.

As the only FFRDC sponsored by the DoD that is also authorized to work with organizations outside of the DoD, the SEI is unique by working with partners throughout the U.S. government, the private sector, and academia. The CERT Division is a leader in cybersecurity, improving the security and resilience of com- puter systems and networks. CERT studies problems that have widespread cybersecurity implications and develop advanced methods and tools to counter large-scale, sophisticated cyber threats.

Morrow provides acquisition and technical support in the areas of system of systems, system and software architecture and engineering development and analysis, cybersecurity, risk management, process development and improvement. The Situational Awareness Technical team employs a hybrid network environment enabling them to observe their security posture in a quantitative or strongly qualitative manner for management of security and other risks throughout the system engineering lifecycle.

Morrow holds a M.S. from the University of Pittsburgh and a B.S. from the Pennsylvania State University.

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