'Davey Cameron is a Pie' Goes Viral

“Davey Cameron is a pie.”

That interesting proclamation was the main tip-off that UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s Twitter account was maybe, just maybe, hacked this week.

Corbyn's Twitter feed became home to a series of juvenile and taunting posts yesterday, which were tweeted out to his 384,000 followers.

There’s no word on what, exactly, being a “pie” entails, but it suggests something vaguely vulgar and undoubtedly negative. But considering that Corbyn’s tweets tend to be little more public policy-oriented and quite a bit less Mel Gibson-y, the whole thing seemed a bit dodgy.

Corbyn's team, according to the BBC, “quickly regained control of the @jeremycorbyn account and the offending tweets were deleted.”

And indeed, the hacked messages were like a good pot pie filling: Chock full of tasty nuggets. Tasty nuggets of juvenilia, that is. They began with a courtly heraldic announcement: "Here we... here we..." with some profanity and three exclamation marks. The missives also featured a succinct nut-shelling of the opposition leader’s feelings on the Trident nuclear missile program: “F*ck Trident!” And there was something about “Straya [unprintable].”

RT noted that the identity of the hackers is subject of much speculation: “A number of users [have suggested] the phrasing of the Cameron tweet was characteristic of the Scottish vernacular, while others claimed the fourth tweet used an Australian slang term.”

Regardless, the inevitable memes have hit the socialverse, and #Cameronisapie is enjoying a good trending run. Which really makes it all worth it for Corbyn for the inconvenience, doesn’t it?

Photo © 360b/Shutterstock.com

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