How the Next Generation Security Department can Legitimately Say Yes and Be Safe

For too long now, IT departments have had to say no to all ideas out of fear: no to downloading software; no to use of non-corporate devices; no to anything that puts your data and security at risk. With an adaptive, risk-based security posture you can govern every identity and inspect every packet, achieving better outcomes faster and more securely.

In this webinar we’ll look at the challenges the modern security team faces, including how to ensure that privileged users are who they say they are, how to spot a scam and how to be confident that access is only for those who are supposed to use them, with a changed posture.

Key takeaways:

  • How to become the department that says yes
  • How you can better understand the risk posture of your organization
  • What the best tactics are to push traditional boundaries and work with your staff and CEO


Photo of Steve Durbin

Steve Durbin

CEO, Information Security Forum

Photo of Florian Malecki

Florian Malecki

International Product Marketing Director, Dell

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