Knowing the Unknown – Methods and Tools for Detecting Advanced, Targeted Cyber Threats

According to research institutes, 70-90% of malwares found in breach investigations are unique to that organization – meaning there is no chance of detecting them with traditional security measures. As advanced threats become more and more quite, sophisticated and stealthy – detection and analysis methods need to be adapted accordingly. Using behavioral analysis, machine learning, and progressive visualization tools allows organizations to better detect, analyze and respond to threats. 

In this webinar we'll review advanced threats stealth mechanisms and the methods to detect them – with focus on optimizing analysis processes and minimizing time intervals. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Advanced threats stealth and persistency mechanisms
  • Methods to minimize detection and analysis timeframes when confronting advanced and targeted threats
  • What tools can be used to facilitate detection and response for advanced threat


Photo of Oren  Aspir

Oren Aspir


Photo of Laurance Dine

Laurance Dine

Global Partner, X-Force Incident Response, IBM

Photo of John  Pironti

John Pironti

President, president of IP Architects and risk and security advisor, ISACA

Photo of Stephen Pritchard

Stephen Pritchard

Freelance Writer, Infosecurity Magazine

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