Developing a Holistic Approach to Patch Management

Patch management continues to pose a huge challenge for information security practitioners as they grapple with the challenges of prioritising which vulnerability to patch first. Legacy systems, the speed of technological changes, and the sheer number of network devices and applications within an organization make patching a complex, costly and time-consuming task.?

This practical webinar will provide attendees with the knowledge they need to develop a robust patch management strategy within their organization and integrate it into their wider security controls.

  • Discover how to integrate patch management into an information security and vulnerability management strategy
  • Understand how to evaluate vulnerabilities, prioritise patches and determine the timing of patch deployment
  • Dissect the compliance requirements related to patch management and how to meet these standards

Gain techniques and tactics to acquire, verify and audit patches


Photo of Paco Hope

Paco Hope

Principal Consultant, Cigital, (ISC)²

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Stephen Pritchard

Freelance Writer, Infosecurity Magazine

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