Hyper-Realistic Simulation - the New Approach to Cybersecurity Training

The global cybersecurity market is short of one million people, which will grow to six million in three years.

With threats growing in volume and sophistication, nearly every security leader should be planning to invest more in training this year. However, conventional training approaches do not prepare security operations teams for the increased complexity and volume of today’s threats.

In 2017, more focus will be on hyper-realistic cyber simulation which draws from next-generation training methodologies to:

  1. Accelerate team certification 
  2. Align team readiness with the most recent and sophisticated threats
  3. Reduce staff churn and increase engagement and satisfaction
  4. Improve team work
  5. Provide cybersecurity trainees with a true-to-life training experience

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how to train incident response teams to respond to ransomware attacks
  • Understand the key elements of an effective training program
  • Find out how to accelerate incident response by using advanced training approaches
  • Understand how to improve cyber security staff retention and accelerate their certification process by using advanced training tools


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Oren Aspir


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Kevin Murphy

President, ISACA Scottish Chapter

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Stuart Peck

Head of Cyber Security Strategy, ZeroDayLab

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Stephen Pritchard

Freelance Writer, Infosecurity Magazine

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