Meeting the New Challenges of Enterprise Security

The job of the infosec professional is becoming ever-more complicated. The effectiveness of legacy methods, tools and attitudes is diminishing, while the sophistication of attackers is on the rise. The problem for security professionals is a complex one – they need to update systems and processes to suit the new threat landscape, while trying to keep up with the threat of specialized and well-resourced cybercrime.

For a long time security pros have been bombarded with a simple message: It’s not if but when. CISOs need to accept that breaches are, more or less, inevitable. But how does security actually need to adapt to meet the new challenges this situation brings?

To find out, join us for this panel-discussion webinar, which sees a group of expert speakers discuss topics including:

  • The diversification of enterprise IT, and the increase in threat vectors
  • Updating legacy processes
  • Reducing attacker ‘dwell time’ on the network
  • Effective monitoring of egress traffic
  • Holistic data collection and processing


Photo of Jon Oltsik

Jon Oltsik

Sr Principal Analyst of Information Security, ESG

Photo of Ashok  Sankar

Ashok Sankar

Product Strategy, Marketing & Management Executive, Raytheon|Websense

Photo of Rob Sloan

Rob Sloan

Head of Cyber Content and Data, Dow Jones

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