Sony Pictures Entertainment: The Fallout from 2014’s Biggest Breach

From November through to the new year, the headlines were awash with the major cyber-attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment. Details continue to filter through about the scale of the breach. We already know about the vast quantities of personal data leaked (including social security numbers); the theft and dissemination of intellectual property, such as film scripts and actual motion pictures; and, of course, the initial cancellation of the North Korea-lampooning flick, The Interview.

Dig a little further, though, and how much do we really know about how the attack was perpetrated? Who is to blame? The FBI was quick to point the finger at North Korea, and the US government has even imposed sanctions on the nation in response. Security experts have lined up to dispute the FBI’s claims, but attempts to identify a plausible alternative haven’t generated much traction.

This webinar looks at:

  • The incident’s implications from a security point of view
  • Examine where Sony went wrong, how far the blame can be extended to the entertainment giant
  • The plausibility of the FBI’s claim
  • The wider significance of this political hot potato


Photo of Adrian Davis

Adrian Davis

Consulting COO & CIO

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Stephen Pritchard

Freelance Writer, Infosecurity Magazine

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Eddie Schwartz

Chair, ISACA’s Cybersecurity Task Force

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Amar Singh

CISO and Founder Cyber Management Alliance and Give01Day, Cyber Management Alliance

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