Encryption Under Attack: Government vs Privacy

Animosity towards encryption is growing from certain sectors of government, as recent controversial public statements make clear. But encryption, security advocates insist, is vital in securing virtual assets and ensuring privacy. Furthermore, the business implications of a restriction on secure methods of communication (as the likes of UK PM David Cameron advocate) would no doubt be negative. New encryption technologies are constantly being developed – and this aspect of the security market is buoyant and highly relevant.

Attacks on encryption stands contrary to the approach that the tech industry has advocated in the post-Snowden world. Indeed, not only do many tech and security commentators decry governments’ attacks on encryption, they also question the practicability of banning technologies that facilitate encrypted comms.

This webinar examines these core issues. The panelists will discuss the encryption technologies that deliver enhanced security across a range of channels; the potential implications of government hostility towards secure, private communication and storage; and why encryption has once again become a politically controversial issue.


Photo of Justin  Clarke

Justin Clarke

Chair, London Chapter of OWASP & Head of Research, Gotham Digital Science

Photo of Dave Clemente

Dave Clemente

Senior Research Analyst, Information Security Forum

Photo of Stephen Pritchard

Stephen Pritchard

Freelance Writer, Infosecurity Magazine

Photo of Ben Sewell

Ben Sewell

ISM/ISO for TUI Group UK&I

Photo of Amar Singh

Amar Singh

CISO and Founder Cyber Management Alliance and Give01Day, Cyber Management Alliance

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