Solution Brief: Are You Ready for the PCI DSS v3 Deadlines?

Are you one of those organizations that meet the PCI DSS requirements for keys and certificates using internal scripts or manual processes just in time for your next audit, after countless hours of preparation? 

As organizations struggle to secure their keys and certificates, the new version of the PCI DSS is mandating stronger security for cryptographic keys and digital certificates. And PCI DSS compliance is just the beginning. Cybercriminals pursuing keys and certificates not remediated after Heartbleed and advanced persistent threats designed to circumvent and misuse keys and certificates are targeting businesses for trust-based attacks.

According to Ponemon Institute research, 100% of enterprises have been attacked in the last 24 months using compromised keys and certificates. But where do you start to achieve compliance and protect your organization against trust-based attacks? The Venafi PCI DSS v3 Solution Brief will outline what you need for PCI DSS compliance and security for keys and certificates.

  • Learn what’s new in PCI DSS v3 for key and certificate security
  • Discover how cybercriminals are now targeting keys and certificates
  • See how traditional management practices fall short of key and certificate security
  • Find out how Next Generation Trust Protection helps you meet the new PCI DSS v3 requirements and defend your business against trust-based attacks

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