BYOD, is the big bad wolf dead?

Bring your own device (BYOD) is far from a cutting edge term, in fact, it’s been on the table for a while now and it all started with the boss when they bought their nice new shiny toy into work that they got for Christmas and announced this is what they will use from this day forward.

It became the universally accepted hall pass for ‘Let’s sidestep the policies we once insisted were important. Never mind that standardisation malarkey, details, details. Let’s not worry about any of that, we have new shiny toys. That’s all that matters’.

This white paper examines today's rationale for BYOD and tries to answer the question; Is BYOD really a viable option and has that big bad wolf been tamed and transformed into an ‘App shaped pocket sized pampered pooch’? It’s a very good question.

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