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SANS 2018 Threat Hunting Survey Results

Threat hunting is an approach that drives security benefits across the organization. This paper looks at the state of threat hunting and provides approaches organizations can take to amplify their threat hunting programs.

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How to Include a Preventative Measure into your Detection & Response

You’ve fortified your defences. You follow industry best prac¬tices. You’ve purchased the latest and greatest technology. Yet attackers still penetrate your defences. In a world where it’s expected that attackers will successfully breach your perimeter, what chance can you possibly have to protect your business?

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5 Critical Steps to Successful Risk Assessments

It’s imperative that organisations conduct risk assessments when preparing, maintaining and updating their cyber security policies and programs. Thorough risk assessments help you identify and address any threats that your organisation may face, allowing you to mitigate them before it’s too late. Organisations that are not ready or not looking to implement ISO 27001 should also read this paper to understand what data protection and cyber security risks they might be taking.

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NTT Security 2018 Global Threat Intelligence Report Executive Guide

The relentless evolution of the threat landscape places the onus on businesses to innovate more rapidly than their adversaries. Cyber-awareness from the top down is imperative if the business, clients, and employees are to be protected.

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Web Application: A Guide to Security in the Modern Era

Virtually all enterprise applications and assets have become web-facing whether in the form of a traditional web-application, cloud applications, APIs, microservices, or legacy apps accessed through a web interface. These applications are being continuously developed and delivered at unprecedented speed, and are constantly being probed and attacked by human and automated threats.

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Privileged Access Management in the Cloud

Cloud migration of all critical resources, or even a portion for hybrid environments, presents serious security challenges and risks to the organization.

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Why Bots are Security's Blind Spot, and How to Manage Them

For organizations and their focus on identity, this new wave of bots presents both a security challenge and a powerful opportunity.

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How to conquer phishing? Beat the clock.

This whitepaper explains how the combination of automated, technology-driven pre-incident protection and post-incident protection and incident response is by far the fastest and most effective approach, quantifiably reducing the organisation's risk from phishing attacks by more than 70%, with ongoing upside.

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DDoS Case Studies: The British Library, Dutch Retail Bank & DNS Provider

Access three DDoS case studies that recreate real life attack scenarios to gauge business readiness & understand improvement strategies.

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Impact of WAF Technology on Security Systems

Due to the increased use of web applications as business workhorses and as targets for threat actors, securing web applications is just as essential as the capabilities of the web applications themselves. This paper explores the threats organizations face - from hackers exploiting private data and from their defenses against those attacks falling too far behind.

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A Practitioner's Guide to Application Security

This guide will help to develop and improve your application security program.

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ESG:DNS for Cybersecurity Advantage

What does the threat landscape mean for enterprise organizations and what should they do to close the cybersecurity gap?

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