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Reducing the Risk of Phishing Attacks

Aberdeen Group's quantitative analysis of the annualized likelihood and business impact of phishing attacks - for literally hundreds of scenarios, based on the selection of industry sector, number of users, and number of data records - helps senior business leaders to better appreciate the significant risk that phishing attacks represent.

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Information and Cyber Challenges in the Public Sector

The public sector operates in an environment driven by data. From education and healthcare to utilities and housing, data is now as integral to the success of public services as the teams and physical infrastructures through which they are deployed.

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Make Threat Intelligence Smarter with Security Orchestration

Effective enterprise security has always required a blending of tools, and advances in the threat landscape are changing the careful balance that many have maintained. This paper digs into the opportunities and challenges that exist for infosec practitioner regarding threat intelligence.

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What is GDPR and Why is it Important?

This document offers an overview of the GDPR and its effects, covering its background, key rules, penalties and recommended best practices.

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451 Research Report: Securing Open Source - Why All The Attention, And Why Now?

Open source adoption has exploded, and with it come new risks. High-profile security incidents like HeartBleed, as well as the Equifax breach, have highlighted their impact.

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The Executive’s Breach Response Preparedness Playbook

How C-level leaders contribute to a stronger security posture

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UEM and IOT: The Sum is Greater Than its Parts

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a broad term referring to a huge variety of network enabled devices that take readings through an analog sensor, and transmit those readings over the network. In spite of the tremendous benefits that these devices provide, there are also disadvantages associated with their use.

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5 Steps to Starting Your Cloud Perimeter Journey

Businesses that pursue digital transformation will be rewarded, but not without facing challenges with their ever-expanding attack surface as well as their existing network and security architectures.

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The 2017 Equifax Breach: Retrospective Look & Lessons Learned

The Equifax breach that was announced in September 2017 is considered to be the biggest breach in history with hackers having stolen the personally identifiable information (PII) of nearly 147.9 million of the company’s customers,primarily located in the United States

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How to Secure Cloud Apps & Reduce User Friction

This white paper explores the widespread use of Office 365, what that means from a security perspective and how a cloud-based authentication solution can enable single sign on for Office 365 and a range of other business-critical services and applications.

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Forrester Report: The State of Application Security- 2018

Application Security Is Worsening, But Automation Offers Hope

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Privileged Access Management Key to Compliance with the NIS Directive

This white paper will shed light on the challenges and implications of the NIS Directive with regard to cybersecurity practices in European nations, and make a case for how a privileged access management solution easily helps them in their quest for compliance.

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