Infosecurity White Papers

Cyber AI Response Threat Report

This whitepaper details seven case studies of attacks that were intercepted and neutralized by cyber-defense AI, including insider threat, ransomware and IoT attacks.

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Securing Growth During Mergers & Acquisitions

Using deception to protect dynamic business infrastructure. This whitepaper will enrich your internal dialog about how to prepare for elevated risk of high-impact cyber-attacks.

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How a 'Game of Codes' is Leading IAG Group to a More Successful Coding Future

Explore this comprehensive case study to learn more about how IAG Group utilized gamified training to implement comprehensive, gamified security training within their dev team.

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Creating a Secure Cloud Culture

Best practices to reduce complexity and cost by unifying cloud and on-premises security

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Essential Elements to Consider when Choosing a Micro-Segmentation Solution

With micro-segmentation a proven imperative, how do you make the decision of which tool to opt for, and by which vendor? Learn the essential elements in selecting your technology, and the must-haves to look out for when considering the right partner.

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New Osterman Research Report

Osterman Research’s latest white paper shows that Office 365’s one-size-fits-all approach struggles to securely cater to all data sharing scenarios – particularly for companies that work with highly regulated data. Organisations are recommended to implement third-party tools to fill these gaps, and can even cut costs overall in doing so!

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Cybersecurity FutureWatch Report

Cybersecurity FutureWatch is an in-depth analysis of cyber trends and forecasts. This data-driven report illustrates critical industry developments that will inform a company's cybersecurity planning as technology advances.

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Fundamental Principles of Effective Data Protection

Data loss in a company very often results in temporary downtime while the information is recovered. In more serious cases, it may cost you your customers’ loyalty, be detrimental to your reputation or even prompt prospective customers to look for other service providers.

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How To: Accelerate Growth with Micro-Segmentation

Your enterprise must embrace the latest security methods to ensure that technology doesn’t add complexity or risk. Learn micro-segmentation best practices to securely manage your dynamic IT environments.

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Strategy for a Successful Micro-Segmentation Journey

Learn about the common obstacles to successful micro-segmentation and how to avoid them and effectively use micro-segmentation to help protect mission-critical applications and workloads.

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Cybersecurity Intelligence Report

Download this report now and see where you are on the security continuum!

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Legal Team's Role in Investigating & Responding to a Data Breach

This whitepaper outlines the critical role of in-house legal in helping organizations effectively collaborate to manage post-breach investigations and minimize the damage – from the initial identification and investigation, through reporting findings and learning from the incident.

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