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Legal Team's Role in Investigating & Responding to a Data Breach

This whitepaper outlines the critical role of in-house legal in helping organizations effectively collaborate to manage post-breach investigations and minimize the damage – from the initial identification and investigation, through reporting findings and learning from the incident.

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Ten Must-Have Features of a Modern SIEM

This white paper presents ten must-have features of an innovative and effective SIEM capable of handling evolving threats.

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Five Reasons Why You Need a Cloud-Native Web Application Firewall

The best way to protect your business from harmful incoming web traffic is to block it with a powerful web application firewall (WAF).

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Red Teaming: How to Identify Gaps in Your Security Strategy by Thinking Like the Enemy

This guide explains what red teaming is, how to get the most from it and the business benefits it brings.

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Context Information Security

Best Practices for GDPR & CCPA Compliance

AccessData has worked with Osterman Research to conduct an in-depth survey of North American organizations with regard to their plans for GDPR and CCPA compliance. This whitepaper provides an overview of the survey findings.

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Ponemon Report: Trends in the Cost of Web Application & Denial of Service Attacks

The purpose of this research is to understand changes in the cost and consequences of web application and denial of service attacks.

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PAM - A Key Element in ISO 27001 Compliance

This white paper looks at sections of the standard that apply directly and indirectly to PAM, using the example of the WALLIX Bastion to highlight how a PAM solution can help companies achieve the ISO 27001 certification.

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Anatomy of a Cyber-Attack

How does an organization “protect” themselves from a breach? In this whitepaper, learn how to determine network health before proceeding with advisory engagements.

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Navigating a Security Wasteland

In this whitepaper, Cybrary discusses how “managing your enterprise security organization like a small business” is pivotal when it comes to application & cloud security.

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Security Threats: Is That a Trojan in Your Pocket?

The popularity, portability and precarious security mobile devices an attractive target for cybercriminals. It is time to get serious about mobile security. Start with a corporate mobility policy to define your mobile security strategy, and deploy an EMM solution to make it happen.

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C-Suite IT Execs Call for Federal Privacy Rules

Companies in the US are meeting new security and privacy regulations head on and they’re ready for more. When it arrives, though, they’d like more clarity.

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Infosecurity North America

The Gamer Theory of Threat Hunting

Gamify your threat hunting experience! Many organizations are shifting to iterative threat hunting exercises based around intelligence operations. This paper outlines gamified threat hunting levels, and key concepts ‘hunt gamers’ should focus on.

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