Secure Data Center Architecture for Today's Transformative IT Environment

Cloud, mobility, and big data are driving business change and IT transformation. Enterprise businesses and service providers across all industries are constantly looking for a competitive advantage, and reliance on applications and the data center have never been greater. The network is physically complex, difficult to manage, and not suited for the dynamic application environments prevalent in today’s data centers. In addition, most businesses are dealing with data centers that are distributed across multiple sites and clouds, adding even more complexity. Finally, because the data center is so dynamic, the network is constantly asked to do more and support new applications, while ensuring integration with legacy applications and requiring more frequent refresh cycles. 

The growing popularity and adoption of switching fabrics, new protocols, automation, orchestration, security technologies, and software-defined networks (SDNs) are strong indicators of the need for a more agile network in the data center. Juniper Networks has applied its networking expertise to the problems of today’s data centers to develop the MetaFabricTM architecture—a combination of switching, routing, security, software, orchestration, and SDN, all working in conjunction with an open technology ecosystem to accelerate the deployment and delivery of applications for enterprises and service providers. JuniperNetworks validated solutions are complete, purpose-built, domain architectures that:

  • Solve specific problems
  • Have undergone end-to-end validation testing
  • Are thoroughly documented to provide clear deployment guidance'

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