Infosecurity News

Visa targeted by hackers over WikiLeaks row

Online retailing was disrupted yesterday when Visa and Mastercard were targeted by hackers following the firms' refusal to process Wikileaks payments.

British Columbia falls short on monitoring information security

The British Columbia auditor general has determined that the provincial government has not fully implemented its Security HealthCheck (SHC) system set up in 2006 to monitor compliance with information security policies.

Poor security management placing virtual infrastructures at risk

Research just released claims to show that virtual infrastructures are being placed at risk by inadequate security management, with 39% of businesses believing that virtual environments are more difficult to secure than physical environments.

Mastercard leapfrogs Visa with smart card chip-link displaycard

The Mastercard side of the payment card industry has parried Visa's latest CodeSure platform – which adds a keypad and LCD screen to payment cards – by going one stage further, and linking the EMV chipset at the heart of modern chip-based cards to the platform.

Christmas: time to spread goodwill, cheer and internet viruses

The big freeze that is affecting the UK at the moment has been causing severe courier and postal backlogs in many areas, and it seems hackers are exploiting this issue, as ESET, the IT security vendor, is warning internet users to watch out for related threats in the runup to Christmas.

Hackivists down MasterCard website in WikiLeaks protest

The arrest of Julian Assange, the founder of the WikiLeaks whistleblowing portal, is causing mayhem in the electronic payments world as, hard on the heels of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the PayPal blog site earlier this week, a second group of hacktivists have staged a massive attack on the main MasterCard website.

Microsoft IE9 browser will help block user profiling

Microsoft says the Internet Explorer 9 browser due for release early in 2011 will include tools to enable users to control what data is collected about their activities online.

Verizon researchers uncover Internet Explorer Protected Mode vulnerability

Verizon Business researchers have discovered a vulnerability in the Protected Mode for Internet Explorer (IE) 7 and 8, according to a recently released white paper.

CIOs foresee shortage of skilled information security professionals

Chief information officers (CIOs) are concerned that they will have a hard time finding skilled information security professionals to fill an expected increase in job slots in the first quarter of 2011, according to a survey by Robert Half Technology consulting firm.

Bidding war for Applied Signal could spur cybersecurity M&A trend

A number of defense firms are bidding to acquire Applied Signal Technology, a Sunnyvale, Calif.-based provider of cybersecurity and intelligence services to the military, a bidding war that could spark a round of defense-related cybersecurity mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Password-stealing trojans and targeted attacks the norm in November

Research published today claims to show that password-stealing trojans and targeted attacks on unpatched software were pretty much the attack vectors used in the main by cybercrminals during November.

ISACA guide details strategies for minimising virtualisation risks

ISACA, the not-for-profit IT security association, has published a free white paper looking at the complex issues as they relate to virtualisation security issues, and how to reduce an organisation's risk profile in the virtual world.