Infosecurity News

Google and Twitter join forces to beat Egyptian internet blackout

Google and Twitter have joined forces to enable Egyptians to tweet using the phone to bypass a government-imposed internet blackout.

Watch out for Super Bowl scams in your trash-talking tweets

No matter which team you root for in the Super Bowl this Sunday, be careful of scams that might be lurking in your trash-talking tweets or other online communication, warns Mark Maciw, web product manager at Clearswift.

Thursday webinar on virtualisation security in the cloud environment

Virtualised environments have been around for a while, but defending the platform securely and effectively is another matter. Factor in a cloud environment as an added dimension, and you have the beginnings of a new security headache. Unless you have the right security strategy, of course, which is where this Thursday's free Infosecurity webinar enters the frame.

FBI may have committed up to 40,000 privacy violations, says privacy group

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) may have committed up to 40,000 privacy-related violations in collecting intelligence since 9/11, according to documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) privacy advocate group under the Freedom of Information Act.

Hackers could take a security bite out of Android Gingerbread

Researchers at North Carolina State University have discovered a flaw in the Android 2.3 Gingerbread mobile operating system that allows hackers to gain access to information on the phone's microSD storage card.

Kaspersky Lab hit by anti-virus software source code leak

Source code that apparently relates to v8 of Kaspersky anti-virus has appeared on BitTorrent and other file-sharing sites in the last few days. According to news wire reports, the source code was leaked by an employee of the IT security vendor who is now in jail for intellectual property theft.

Poor firewall implementations pave wave for DDoS attacks

Research published today claims to show that the increasing problem of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks has been made worse by a tendency to misconfigure firewalls and intrusion prevention systems (IPS).

NewNet Communication purchases encryption specialist Traxcom

Privately held network communications supplier NewNet Communication has acquired another business from within its own parent company – secure transactions provider Traxcom Technologies. The move is expected to strengthen the security of NewNet’s mobile commerce offerings.

New IT security challenges coming soon says Quocirca

Research and analysis house Quocirca has published a new report that looks at the issues surrounding the security strategies needed to defend remote users. The report warns that there are new and unprecedented security challenges ahead, especially for mid-sized and smaller organisations.

Facebook security threats wreaking havoc says PandaLabs

PandaLabs, the research arm of Panda Security, has discovered a number of new security exploits on Facebook and Twitter over the last few days and, says the IT security vendor, two new malware strains have been wreaking havoc on Facebook users.

Indian government threatening BlackBerry ban again

India may yet ban BlackBerry services after maker Research In Motion (RIM) said it was technically impossible to give government access to corporate e-mails.

Belgacom taps CyberArk for privileged ID management in the cloud

CyberArk has landed a prestigious project for protecting critical applications, identities and information in Belgacom's data centres in Belgium.