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LulzSec hacktivist group posts 62,000 email ID/password combos to the web and Twitter

The LulzSec hacktivist group continued its trail of e-destruction late yesterday, posting a large file of electronic trophies - the email ID/password combos of 62,000 user credentials - the web and linking the list via Twitter.

Public sector needs to do more to protect personal data, survey says

A discouraging 84% of the IT respondents believe that the public sector is not doing enough to help keep personal information secure, according to a study by security and compliance auditing firm nCircle.

London college students design safer, more secure ATMs

A group of students at the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London are developing designs for safer and more secure ATMs.

German hackers convicted of pirating unpublished pop songs using trojans

A landmark digital and security piracy case in Duisburg, Germany, has resulted in the conviction of two men - aged 18 and 23 - in connection with the trojan-assisted piracy of unpublished songs of Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga and other musicians.

Many security programs still require updated approaches

Compliance is only a foundation for a comprehensive security program, with additional layers – or pillars – needed to round out the most robust efforts. This was the opinion of one CISO Infosecurity spoke with recently – Niall Browne of LiveOps.

Senators introduce national data breach notification legislation

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) and Sen. John D. Rockefeller (D.-W.Va.) have introduced national data breach notification legislation that would require companies to protect customers’ personal information and notify them if a data breach occurs.

Hacker group Lulz Security attacks CIA website

Hacker group Lulz Security claims it has attacked the CIA's website.

Citi bumps up data breach figure to 360,000 credit card customers

Citigroup has admitted to a data breach touching 360,000 credit card customers in North America, compared with the 210,000 it originally said were affected.

Hacker group Lulz Security attacks CIA

Hacker group Lulz Security claims it has attacked the CIA's website.

46% of UK users do not back up their laptop or mobile

Research from Absolute Software claims to show that, whilst 46% of us don't back up our laptops and mobile phones - despite 40% having lost or had a portable device stolen - two-fifths of respondents are worried about losing their personal data.

Adobe quietly rolls out auto-update feature for Reader

It's something that many users have been suggesting for a while, but Adobe appears to have listened and rolled an auto-update facility that will install future Reader updates automatically.

52% of PC users run AV software when their PC runs slow

Research just released by memory supplier Crucial claims that, when faced with a sluggish PC, 52% of users run their AV software, whilst 53% start compressing their files.

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