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DHS warns about phishing scams related to Hurricane Irene, 9/11 anniversary

The Department of Homeland Security is warning computers users to be cautious about phishing scams and cyberattacks related to Hurricane Irene and the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

San Antonio is the most likely US city to be digitally duped, survey finds

San Antonio is the US city at the highest risk of being “digitally duped”, according to a survey by AVG Technologies.

CESG unveils certification scheme for IT security professionals

CESG - the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance – has unveiled a certification scheme for professionals in the field.

New VoIP trojan hitting companies using internet telephony services

A new VOIP trojan – TrojansVOIP – is reportedly doing the rounds and allowing cybercriminals to take control of corporate internet telephony systems to make free premium rate and international calls.

First Data taps Trusteer for FFIEC online banking security

Trusteer has secured a headline deal with First Data, under which its Rapport and Pinpoint online banking protection will be offered as part of the First Data solutions offered to the firm's clients.

Kaspersky reports DDoS attacks no longer motivated by financially-driven fraud

In its Q2 analysis of DDoS attacks, Kaspersky Lab reports that the old principle of most attacks being driven by financially-motived hackers has gone by the board, with politically-motivated attacks from Anonymous and LulzSec changing the DDoS playing field.

Strato offers five gigabyte cloud storage for free

Strato, one of Europe's mainstay Web hosting companies, is moving into the business/consumer cloud back-up arena, and to launch its HiDrive service, is offering a 5GB of cloud storage for free.

Two men arrested in UK as police investigate Anonymous and LulzSec hacking activities

Two more people have been arrested in the UK as part the on-going transatlantic crackdown on hacktivist group Anonymous and offshoot Lulz Security (LulzSec).

Anonymous claims hack of Texas police website despite clampdown by authorities

Hacking group Anonymous has hit the website of the Texas Police Chiefs Association, despite a continuing clampdown on its members.

ICO slams Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration for data breaches

The Information Commissioner's Office has slammed the Scottish Children's Reporter Administration for twice mishandling sensitive personal information.

Newer, simpler tools bring malware analysis to smaller enterprises

The bar has been lowered when it comes to organizations doing their own malware analysis in-house. That was the sentiment of one forensic analyst from Norman, the Norway-based provider of anti-malware technologies.

IT security professionals admit to violating their own policies

One in three information security professionals admitted that they had violated their own internal security policies in order to complete a work-related task more quickly and easily, according to a survey by Tenable Network Security.

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