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CyberSource releases its 8th annual UK fraud report

CyberSource, a payment management company working in e-commerce and providing a fraud management system to e-commerce merchants, has published its latest report: UK Online Fraud Report 2012.

EU official to propose data protection overhaul this week

EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding is proposing this week a comprehensive reform of the EU Data Protection Directive, including a requirement that all companies notify national authorities and customers within 24 hours of a breach of personal information.

Scammers offer "free" $500 Amazon gift card on Facebook

Facebook scammers are offering a “free” $500 gift card as part of a premium rate mobile phone service and affiliate marketing site scheme.

Australian regulator uncovers hack of online stockbroking firms

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) is warning traders about recent hacks of online stockbrokers.

Microsoft names the man behind the Kelihos botnet

Last September, Microsoft and Kaspersky Labs took down the Kelihos botnet. While Kaspersky now has control of the botnet, in a court filing in Virginia, Microsoft yesterday named Andrey Sabelnikov as the owner and operator of Kelihos.

India to establish new national cybersecurity board

India is setting up a new regulator for cybersecurity and telecom to be called the National Telecom Network Security Coordination Board.

Research shows companies prioritize social distractions over security

New research from Trend Micro suggests that business hasn’t got the right balance between preventing distraction and ensuring security in the face of growing consumerization.

Jailbreak for iPhone 4S released

Dev-Team and Chronic Dev-Team have released Absinthe, an untethered (doesn’t need to be booted from a computer) jailbreak for the Apple iPhone 4s and iPad 2.

Jericho Forum intensifies push for open approach to internet identities

The Jericho Forum, a worldwide independent grouping of CISOs, academics and government institutions within the Open Group, is concerned that all future identity projects should avoid the ‘Big Brother approach’ illustrated by the UK approach to national ID cards.

Through the glass box: IBM improves web app security testing

Through the glass box: IBM improves web app security testing

IBM has developed “glass box” technology that uses static (white box) and dynamic (black box) testing methods to locate vulnerabilities in web applications.

Spy-approved secure version of Android released

The US National Security Agency (NSA) has released a secure version of Google’s Android platform, dubbed secure enhanced (SE) Android, which is based on an application-level permissions model.

Oracle's Database patching process not prophetic, say analysts

Oracle's Database patching process not prophetic, say analysts

Analysts are again criticizing Oracle's patching process, noting that only two vulnerabilities were patched in the popular Database product out of a total of 78 patches released this week.

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