Streamline Scanning and Encryption of Objects in S3 Buckets

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With the accelerated shift to the cloud, companies are tasked with securing troves of data to maintain compliance, reputation and meet business needs. It’s up to developers to build the necessary cloud applications to process and store various file types and sizes.

The increase in cloud-native application development and the importance of file upload and transfer make file storage services a logical choice for modern business requirements. However, as companies incorporate more and more cloud file/object storage services into their cloud-native applications, it also creates a new attack vector. 

Since many applications integrate AWS S3 into their architectures for file record requirements, organizations are concerned that uploaded files could contain malicious content and disrupt downstream workflows and business processes throughout the organization.

To ensure that all the files are scanned and, if necessary, quarantined, security practitioners need cloud-native solutions that are purposely designed and deployed for object storage services. These solutions also require low maintenance costs to operate and should add minimal impact to the application development life cycle. 

Part of ensuring that your applications can properly secure data is making sure that objects in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets are encrypted. That way, even if a cybercriminal collects the data, they won’t be able to do much of anything with it. 

Of course, you could start building your own file-scanning security systems from scratch with the best of intentions. Still, it may become difficult and expensive for a team to operate over time, leading to narrow functionality and delivering limited ease-of-use. Beyond that, you’d probably end up relying on outdated open-source malware lists.

Elevate Security with Cloud-Native File Protection

Trend Micro Cloud One™ – File Storage Security was developed in concert with world-class threat researchers to deliver object storage security as files are uploaded into your cloud storage. File Storage Security helps ensure that your Amazon S3 buckets are free from malware by deploying cloud-native security that can be integrated into your custom Amazon S3 workflows. 

File Storage Security protects files for complete coverage across business processes and applications
File Storage Security protects files for complete coverage across business processes and applications

File Storage Security protects small and large files for complete coverage across business processes and applications where files of any type might be used. File Storage Security also maintains data sovereignty by keeping the files and data within your AWS account, avoiding data loss and enabling optimal compliance and mitigation of regulatory risks. File Storage Security also supports Server-Side Encryption (SSE) in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Key Management System (KMS). This allows you to use all the benefits of Trend Micro Cloud One™ File Storage Security malware detection with AWS-managed keys for safe encryption of your Amazon S3 objects.

File Storage Security is part of the Trend Micro Cloud One™ security service platform, helping your organization to build and run applications securely by offering controls that work across your existing infrastructure or modern code streams, development toolchains and multi-platform requirements.

7 Ways File Storage Security Helps DevOps Teams

The right security solution doesn’t just improve the quality of your applications; it can help make your entire organization happier. With File Storage Security, you can satisfy everyone from CISOs to SecOps and cloud engineers while enabling teams to build with maximum confidence. File Storage Security makes life a little easier for your DevOps teams with features like:

  1. Simple deployment as an AWS CloudFormation template 
  2. Seamless integration into your cloud-native infrastructure 
  3. Built-in AWS Lambda functions as part of its event-driven architecture 
  4. Automated scanning and remediation of malicious files at source in near real-time 
  5. The ability to quarantine risky files within another location in the account, away from your application 
  6. Retention of files and data within your AWS account for optimum compliance
  7. Customizable post-scan actions to alert upstream or downstream users across your workflows

Simplify Cloud Object Storage Protection

Organizations need modern and scalable cloud-native security that can help them meet compliance requirements and protect their cloud ecosystem. File Storage Security provides seamless integration into your AWS S3 workflows with automated malware scanning, remediation and proper encryption of sensitive data with SSE-KMS provided by AWS. With File Storage Security on board, you can meet business needs, make SecOps happy, improve your application quality, reduce post-deployment stress and help achieve compliance for your organization.

Trend Micro threat researchers and data scientists use the latest techniques to analyze data and identify threats in real-time using augmented cyber intelligence — combining the focused findings from artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning with knowledge from threat experts who are constantly researching the latest tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by cybercriminals. 

Sign up for a free 30-day Trend Micro Cloud One trial to start exploring File Storage Security and go hands-on with a solution that’s purpose-built for easy integration into cloud-native application development and runtime workflows. See how easy it can be to streamline security with cloud-native services that are easy to maintain and support so your DevOps teams can get back to building faster without security concerns to hold them back. 

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