Thales and Google Cloud Partner for External Encryption Key Management

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Thales has announced a collaboration with Google Cloud to allow users to securely migrate sensitive data between public cloud, hybrid and private IT infrastructures.

The joint innovation will allow the two companies to offer new capabilities which will enable security teams to own and control their encryption keys, and leverage Google Cloud technology for the external key management needed to control and secure data across hybrid cloud IT environments.

Addressing both private and public cloud environments, Thales and Google Cloud will provide a solution that manages, brokers and stores encryption keys completely controlled by the customer, effectively enabling companies to move data assets to the cloud with confidence.

Thales will also integrate its CipherTrust Key Broker service with the Google Cloud External Key Manager (EKM). By generating encryption keys using the CipherTrust Key Broker, organizations can verify the origin and quality of the keys they are providing to the cloud provider, while maintaining the original version of the key outside of the Google Cloud environment.

Users will hold their master keys in a Thales Luna Cloud HSM, which acts as the trust anchor for the CipherTrust Key Broker solution. “Our collaboration with Google Cloud truly embodies the technology leadership needed to place the control of data directly into the hands of our customers,” said Sebastien Cano, SVP for cloud protection and licensing at Thales.

“Companies no longer need to put their sensitive data in untrusted environments and relinquish control of their coveted encryption keys. It has become abundantly clear that an evolution in data protection is taking place at a global level as security professionals work together to build a shared responsibility security model between enterprise customers and providers. With this joint innovation effort, we’re supporting organizations as they move to the cloud with confidence.”

Sunil Potti, VP and GM of Google Cloud Security, said the relationship with Thales was created to further protect its customers’ most sensitive information, as companies deal with “an extremely fluid and dynamic business environment where even the best lines of defense are constantly being battle tested.

“Together with Thales, we acknowledge the current set of circumstances and remain vigilant to provide customers with the most advanced solutions that address today’s cybersecurity needs as well as those that are emerging on the horizon,” Potti said.

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