Targeted Attacks – the “Real” Problem

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When I talk to customers, the different attacks are often something we discuss (obviously). I often mention that Virus and Worm attacks on a broad scale (like Conficker, etc.) are a serious problem, but at least they are ones we see, understand, and can fight (because we see and understand it).

However, my real concern are targeted attacks on governments and companies, as they are incredibly hard to detect. In the last few months, every once in a while we read in the press about an attack on a government, and sometimes that they went undetected for months until either something happened, like a server crashed, or law enforcement found out somehow.

This morning I read an article that actually claims the problem is even bigger than I thought: Report Details Hacks Targeting Google, Others – actually the article just uses the Google attacks to attract the readers as it does not really talk about it, but the content is interesting nevertheless.


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