Founded in 1983, Apricorn provides patent protected, secure storage innovations globally to those requiring the highest level of protection for their data. With Information Security concerns and GDPR compliance at the fore, Apricorn delivers a range of hardware encrypted, PIN pad authenticated, OS agnostic, flash and portable hard drives that protect your data on the move and at rest. Alongside, the Aegis Configurator enables administrators to quickly and automatically apply security policy and configuration settings to multiple devices at the click of a button.

Since every Apricorn Aegis drive is encrypted and authenticated exclusively by way of its own onboard keypad and internal hardware, your critical security parameters are never shared with the device's host computer; protecting against various malware attacks such as keylogging or BadUSB. As Apricorn continues to create innovations to defend against today’s threats and to anticipate tomorrow’s, rest assured that your secrets are safe with us

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