Top Ten: News Stories of 2020

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Another year draws to a close as we head into the final few weeks of 2020 and, if this year has been anything, it’s been a period of unprecedented change and challenge unlike anything the majority of us have ever experienced.

The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been stark for practically all sectors, and the information security industry has been no exception.

Whether it’s been the mass move to remote working, the adoption of new technologies and processes, heightened security risks, new attack vectors or restricted sources, the direct effects of the health crisis have more than left their mark on the infosec landscape. At the same time, various other familiar issues such as regulation, education, diversity and hiring have continued to play important roles in the sector throughout 2020.

Amongst that backdrop, Infosecurity  has been dedicated to bringing you, our readers, all the very latest insight from the world of information security over the course of the year. Five days a week, our team of writers has scoured a plethora of different sources to quickly and diligently bring you all the very latest news emanating from the information security world.

Here is a list of the top 10 most read Infosecurity news articles of 2020, highlighting the biggest cybersecurity stories to hit the headlines over the last 12 months.

1. Zoom Blow as Thousands of User Videos Are Found Online (April 6 2020)

Researchers discovered thousands of private Zoom recordings exposed online, in another blow to the firm’s security credentials as it struggled to support a huge surge in users.

2. CISSP Qualification Given Cert Status Equivalent to Master’s Degree Level (May 12 2020)

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification was granted a qualification level equal to that of a master’s degree across Europe.

3. Data Breach at Bank of America (May 27 2020)

Bank of America Corporation disclosed a data breach affecting clients who applied for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

4. Crypto Exchange Loses “Almost All Funds” in Hack (February 7 2020)

Cyber-criminals stole “almost all funds” entrusted to crypto exchange platform Altsbit. Attackers made off with 1066 Komodo (KMD) tokens and 283,375 Verus (VRSC) coins with a combined value of $27,000.

5. Indian Arrested Over Sale of Illegal Drugs Disguised as Sex Aids on Dark Web (February 18 2020)

India made its first arrest of an alleged dark web narcotics vendor accused of selling psychotropic drugs disguised as erectile dysfunction remedies on dark web marketplaces in exchange for cryptocurrency.

6. Most Workers Not Interested in Switching to a Cybersecurity Role (September 23 2020)

Most UK and US workers view cybersecurity professionals in a positive light, although few are considering a career in the industry, according to a study from (ISC)2.

7. Global DDoS Attack Dismissed as T-Mobile Misconfiguration (June 16 2020)

Claims of a global DDoS attack were dismissed by T-Mobile, with evidence showing a traffic-related issue was caused by a misconfiguration.

8. Experian Data Breach Hits 24 Million Customers (August 20 2020)

Experian suffered a major breach of customers’ personal information, affecting an estimated 24 million South Africans and nearly 800,000 businesses.

9. Fortinet Offers Free Cybersecurity Training (April 28 2020)

Fortinet made all its online training programs free for the remainder of 2020 to address the skills gap in the cybersecurity industry, outlined in the 2019 (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study.

10. Sports Giant Decathlon Leaks 123 Million Records (February 25 2020)

The French sporting retail giant exposed user data via a misconfigured database, leaking over 123 million records including customer and employee information, according to researchers.

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