Arbor Networks shows how Iran filters and blocks internet traffic

Arbor Networks' statistics for Iran for the two months show how internet traffic took a dive as the civil unrest developed in the country.

According to Craig Labovitz, the firm's chief scientist, before the June 12 disputed elections, Iranian traffic peaked at around 5 Gbps.

"On the afternoon of June 13, the Iranian government cut all internet access for an hour and then slowly re-admitted traffic with now severe filter rules (and presumably) monitoring in place," he said.

"Traffic levels remained reduced by 30% or more for several weeks. Beginning last week, traffic levels returned to their pre-election peaks of 5 Gbps," he added.

Labovitz noted that, over the last few days Arbor Networks has seen traffic changes in Iran which suggest the return of more severe filtering.

This comes as President Ahmadinejad is formerly endorsed, he added.

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