Credant embraces the cloud with on-net policy-based encryption

Credant claims that by moving its policy-based data security into the cloud, it can protect all data within an organisation, rather than focusing on devices, drives or system volumes.

According to Credant, moving policy-based security into a cloud environment effectively eliminates the risk of an insider - either within the organisation or working for an outsourced provider - accessing or stealing sensitive data.

In addition, the data security specialist says that its cloud platform provides granular access to decrypted information quite specifically to the authorised user.

Infosecurity notes that the cloud platform is not cloud-specific, since it allows support for what the company calls "seamless management" between public cloud, private cloud and local data resources, including virtual desktops and removable media.

Announcing the cloud beta test service, Chris Burchett, Credant's CTO, said that his firm's robust key management technology and data-centric encryption technology allows the company to solve cloud security problems in a fundamentally different way.

"The complexity of managing cloud infrastructures requires a new model for data security, and our new offering defines the path for organisations to more rapidly and securely adopt cloud models by removing the risks of data theft and insider attack wherever the data resides", he said.

"This isn't just about security - it's about accelerating the transformation to the cloud for our customers", he added.

Interested companies can register their interest for the beta test program at a special Credant website.

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