Good Technology targets BYOD security with Copiun acquisition

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but there are clear synergies between the two as the phenomenon of workers using personal devices for enterprise tasks continues to become the norm. That norm, however, has proven to be a headache for IT departments looking to maintain security policies in the face of un-approved devices.

Companies like Good have been trying to capitalize on the BYOD trend by providing mobile device management software and the like, but a security suite will round out the functionality.

Copiun’s software suite allows mobile users to securely access shared files without a VPN connection or firewall configuration – a perfect fit for BYOD.

BYOD security issues are increasingly in the spotlight as mobile workforces and people working from home, office and on the road, often outside of regular work hours, becomes common as they look to bolster productivity. In the most recent ZDNet CIO Jury survey, 10 out of the 12 CIO respondents said that their company was in full support of BYOD.

That said, policy around BYOD is sorely lacking. In a Farpoint Group survey of IT personnel, a full 88% of respondents said their companies had some form of sanctioned or non-sanctioned BYOD. Yet approximately one-third said they didn’t have any BYOD policies in place, and 10% said they didn’t know if their companies even had BYOD policies.

Good will almost certainly win more deals thanks to having a security angle in the portfolio, but it will also be up against managed services like those from Sprint or Verizon Enterprise Services, which have comprehensive BYOD management suites.

Good Technology will absorb the staff at Copiun's Massachusetts headquarters in the US, including Copiun CEO Puneesh Chaudhry. The location will become a Good Technology office.

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