Hard Rock Stadium Ups Cybersecurity

The critical infrastructure of a famous Florida sporting and entertainment venue is being protected by a brand-new cybersecurity solution.

Atos and Forescout Technologies today announced a jointly developed solution that allows Miami Gardens' Hard Rock Stadium to offer fans, staff, and spectators a whole new level of cybersecurity.

The joint solution of Forescout’s cloud-based network segmentation solution eyeSegment and Atos’ managed security services used more than 20 real-time monitoring techniques to protect over 7,100 IT, Internet of Things (IoT), and operational technology (OT) devices, including point-of-sale terminals, scoreboards, televisions, visual broadcasting equipment, field microphones, and servers connecting to the network.

It was successfully implemented for the first time over a two-week period in February 2020 to secure and manage the venue's critical infrastructure for Super Bowl LIV.

“The security of our fans and their physical and online environments is of the utmost importance to us. While more than 65,000 fans are excited for touchdowns, most are unaware thousands of technology devices in our stadium’s infrastructure must be protected from malicious intent by threat actors,” said Kim Rometo, vice president and chief information officer, Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium. 

“With Atos and Forescout we recognized an opportunity to secure Hard Rock Stadium in new and critical ways, effectively creating a defense strategy that protects our operational and informational technology.”

Deploying the new solution has allowed its creators to flag more than 600 security events and secure 400 new OT devices connected to the network for the venue's halftime show. Furthermore, it has allowed over 1,200 point-of-sales devices to be monitored for malicious patterns.

“Stadiums present unique challenges for CIOs as they create strategies to secure their dynamic and highly connected infrastructure,” said Jon Connet, general manager of Network Segmentation at Forescout Technologies. 

“Working with Atos, we provide complete device visibility and network segmentation that together help reduce the attack surface and protect Hard Rock Stadium from today’s cybersecurity threats.”

Karan Chetal, vice president of strategic engagements at Atos, said venues like Hard Rock Stadium were at increasing risk from bad actors. 

She said: "Cyberattacks continue to get more aggressive and the sporting and entertainment industry is a major target for these malicious threats."

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