Herjavec to Handle Cybersecurity for Formula 1

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Canadian cybersecurity firm Herjavec Group has been appointed as the Official Cybersecurity Services Provider to Formula 1

The group's newest gig was announced yesterday. Herjavec will support the world's most prestigious motor racing competition and annual sporting series in three critical areas. 

Herjavec's first role will be to secure the Formula 1 Event Technical Center by providing managed security services that will include threat intelligence and cyber analysis. These services will be deployed to protect Formula 1's data-rich race operations as the competition travels from country to country.

In 2021, the F1 Event Technical Center will be making pit stops in 22 different countries. Herjavec will be tasked with protecting the real-time racing analysis, security event logs, and threat intelligence information generated at each location.

The new appointee's second role will focus on providing Formula 1 with round-the-clock threat detection to keep its corporate operations, digital platforms, and mission-critical assets safe. Using its cloud-based remote and geo-redundant Security Operations Center (SOC) infrastructure, Herjavec will provide 24/7 expertise to catch and tackle emerging threats targeting Formula 1's critical infrastructure. 

Other managed security services that Herjavec has been engaged to provide include managed incident response, phishing tests, vulnerability management, and security engineering.

The company's third area of focus will be to offer advice and expertise to help Formula 1 enhance its overall security posture. Key cyber initiatives that Herjavec intends to launch will address security planning, PCI compliance, architecture, privacy, emergency planning, and identity and access management. 

Self-confessed racing fanatic Robert Herjavec, Herjavec Group founder and CEO, said: "Racing is in the DNA of Herjavec Group and a clear analogy for the work we do as cybersecurity experts. You've got to be laser focused when driving a car 200MPH—because if you look left or right, you'll lose control."

Chris Roberts, head of IT infrastructure at Formula 1, said: "We chose to partner with Herjavec Group because they excel in security at scale and we are confident in their ability to support us in protecting our infrastructure as we continue to expand our leadership as the pinnacle of motorsport."

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